I am going to completely PASS. OUT.

I think I am going to completely pass out. This morning I got a mail from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts letting me know the date and time RADA wants me to be there for an audition! ;A; Gaaahhhhh!!! 

Hahaha. I was so sick with the flu when I finished my application to RADA. My ID photo was so effing fugly and fat I wanted to lay down in the photostore and vomit all over the place, but I was too sick to care lol. I even walked to my job to be 110% sure my letter would be shipped to arrive in time before the deadline (1st March). Hahaha, geez... I still can't believe the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama sent me an invite for audition (aka the reason I still haven't learned 3 monologues and 2 songs by heart.. STRESS) and now the Royal Academy booked me, of all people, for an audition as well. 
This is freaking crazy! I am so happy and confused, lol. No matter how these auditions end up, I am so freaking happy and proud of myself for doing this! Most of the time I ask myself what the H I am actually doing, but then something reminds me that this is what I should do, no matter how messed up it feels sometimes. If I pass the first auditions (which is probably the most difficult ones I guess) but may not be able to pass all the 3-4 auditions and workshops - I will still be so proud of myself for following my dream and I won't ever give up. There is always next year :)

Always follow your heart, dears!
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